Macramè, This line is brightness that starts from the Far East, passing through the Mediterranean with an international look.

Macramè, the dixpari eco-design wall lamp, was born from the love of fine lace from the ancient East.

Macramè is a lamp with a unique design, an item of décor that takes shape from the desire to mold plastic materials giving them a second and wonderful possibility of life. This is how each lamp is created, produced with a unique artistic look produced by intricate textures capable of attracting the eyes of design and lighting enthusiasts. Macramè, a redesigned piece of art that is designed to illuminate home and office environments.

Macramè is design and light, it is a fascinating and delicate play of light and transparencies, in an eco-sustainable lamp born from the second life of plastic materials. The result is an LED lamp with iron structure, a eco-friendly design that surrounds rather than dazzles.

Depending on the lines and colors, Macramè design wall lamps are divided into different categories, designed for lighting different environments.

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