circular economy

Every lamp is a single-piece original,
mixing meta-design and environmental awareness,
with a focus on the regenerated material.

The circular economy is not just an economic system, it is a real alternative to the classic linear model, promoting a different and innovative concept of the production and use of consumer goods.

dixpari enters this process by adding the concept of design, breaking up and overcoming the patterns of aesthetics while searching for originality.

The objective of dixpari is to constantly balance the ingenuity of research with the aesthetic and technical standards of the production of goods, in order to give beauty and personality to all that it creates.

Le fasi del progetto


The dixpari circular economy project was born as a response to limit waste.


The lamps are made by reusing the production scraps destined to be industrial waste.


Once recovered, the surplus and extra production material go through a new process, transformed by expert craftsmen, and are given a new function and beauty.


Each lamp is original and unique, evoking emotion, while creating haloes and designs of elegant light.

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