table lamps

Alone on its own. Singular. Exclusive.
Alone as a circle of light.
Indefinite brightness. Elusive.

Alone is not just a designer lamp. Alone tells a story. This design and deorative object comes from a vision at the end of a working day, when Antonella Pugno moves through the SPA plant and comes across a circular section of plastic material, fallen from an injection molding press.
Her instinct suggests that this is not just a trivial waste of the production process but can be transformed into something else. The creative process leads her to invent Alone, a luminous work of art, suitable for rethinking domestic ambiance and decorating spaces that would otherwise be meaningless.

In Alone, matter and light merge together. Thus was born the first dixpari eco-design table lamp.

The key values ​​of Alone are creativity and respect for the environment.

With its irregular design, Alone was the source of inspiration for the dixpari design line. The decorative lamp is made of thermoplastic recycled material and consists of a supporting structure made of iron. The LED lighting system makes every atmosphere even more intimate and welcoming with its elusive brightness. Everything takes shape through love of ecology and respect for the environment.

The table lamps and the Alone design series are in the categories:
- Light
- Colorate lively
- Special unique
- Exclusive

The Alone series has the singularity of being conceived, as every lamp, a unique and luminous artisan creation. They differ in shape, color, design and size.

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