the project

A dixpari lamp is
a unique and singular design.

dixpari is a new concept for perceiving light; it lies somewhere between lighting and art.

Created from the idea of ​​giving a second life to surplus materials, the dixpari lamp is an example of a simple and functional design, made with careful attention to detail. A unique piece that was born to complement decoration and design, inspired and developed according to ethical principles and eco-friendly design. This is how every single piece is born. All the ecological lamps are designed and built by dixpari, through a concept that goes far beyond the idea of ​​interior lighting, and stems from the need to create unique pieces that can give light to the idea of ​​environmental sustainability.

The dixpari lamps are made by reusing the excess material of the production processes characteristic of SPA, a company specialized in the injection molding of plastic pieces.

It was the architect Antonella Pugno who envisioned, in this particular non-conforming plastic, the opportunity to create design lamps. It is the production technician Walter Pastorino who, with an artisan’s eye, gives new life to the plastic material, reshaping it and transforming it into eco-compatible objects of design.

Design and emotion: each has a different story
Each dixpari lamp is an singular piece, an object of authentic design: Alone is a semi-imperfect circle, while Macramè has an irregular semi-spherical texture.

Alone and Macramè maintain their characteristic shape with exclusive contours and tones that make each lamp different from all the others, while following a reference model.

The variation of each creation also changes the artistic instinct from which the object is born.

For us, every single production creates a new emotion as we wait to see the final outcome. And it is this unique sensation of singularity that we want to convey to those who discover the light of dixpari lamps for the first time.

All the dixpari lamps are numbered, they are signed by the designer who created their style and personality. In fact, each model is composed of different particularities, born from the choice of using non-homogeneous and therefore non-reproducible materials. As unique pieces, each design lamp is accompanied by a certificate attesting to its production and authenticity. We believe that the world of re-made designer lamps contains an intrinsic value given by a certain idea of ​​the world. We want to support that and which is why we certify uniqueness and exclusiveness.

and spatial harmony

Not only light, but luminous works of art and points of light. Alone and Macramè are lamps designed to make their living spaces even more unique. The ethical choice to illuminate with recycled materials, the knowledge of the peculiarities of each plastic piece, combined with the experience in artisan craft, give shape to every single piece, making it exclusive.
Illuminate with style and customize classic environments or rethink the most lived space through the choice of the elements of design and the effects of light of the dixpari world.

Alone and Macramè lamps are chosen as elements of interior design for the ability to filter light in a unique way, to be atmospheric lamps, points of light, shadows and colors. Alone and Macramè are often the choice of architects and designers for soft light points because they are modular lamps that can be designed and produced matching them to style and lighting design choices by decorators and interior designers.

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