Origin of the idea

who we are

The boat that wins has the same wind
but has a better crew than the others.

Carolina Candelo began the project of contemporary design, combined with circular economy, after seeing what is now called “Lamp Number Zero,” created by the architect Antonella Pugno from production scraps.

Carolina then realized that from this first lamp, a collection could be made. Sharing her enthusiasm with her sister Isabella, she decided to bet on her idea, presenting the first collection at the “Salone del Mobile” in 2017.

dixpari is the continuum and the emanation of SPA S.p.A., a thermoplastic injection molding company, which has always considered the importance of respecting the environment. In fact, it is certified as the Casa Clima Gold Nature office building, the first and only throughout the northwest.

dixpari is the desire to give beauty and personality to what is usually a factory endeavor: each of the dixpari design lamps are the result of the recovery of waste from the SPA production process, increasing its value through its metamorphosis into eco-compatible objects.

dixpari is the design of spaces using an ecological touch. It is the will of the new SPA generation to leave a distinctive and positive mark through a line of luxury lamps. Its atmospheric lights originate from exclusive creativity unique to their brand.

Entrepreneurship, creativity and a touch of irony are the fundamental characteristics common to all the members of the dixpari team, which every single one of them enriches with their own professional skills and personal qualities.

The commitment, the passion and the courage to what is new, opens the door to the future of a new design, which brings originality into an industrial factory, becoming creators of metadesign objects.

The creation of handcrafted design pieces results in the development of eco-sustainability and innovative concepts that become unique lamps for décor. The idea has grown and developed and has been expanding into the world of design and furnishing objects.

dixpari is brought to life by 6 different team members, united by the desire to integrate the concept of beauty with environmental protection.

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